The Health Fixer

The Health Fixer is a series of Health Tips by Dr. Doug Willen. He offers natural solutions to everyday health problems.

The Best Natural Way to Remove Skin Tags
Skin Tag Solution: Apple Cider Vinegar! –


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    1. HOTM WashingtonSquarePark Intro
    2. Heart of the Matter (Pat) ..
    3. Heart of the Matter June ,
    4. Heart of the Matter.Intro
    5. Natural Wrinkle Remedy!
    6. How to get rid of Swimmer’s Ear!
    7. Stye in the eye Remedy
    8. How to get rid of Stretch Marks!
    9. How to get rid of Stretch Marks!
    10. How to get rid of Stretch Marks!
    11. How to get rid of Smelly Feet!
    12. Smelly Feet Remedy!
    13. How to get rid of Stinky Feet!
    14. Skin Tag Cures with a baby aspirin.
    15. Skin Tag Solution Apple Cider Vinegar!
    16. Skin Tag Quick Fix Tie with a string!
    17. Skin Tag Remedy that works!
    18. Vaginal Itch Natural solution that works!
    19. Pink Eye Remedy Success!
    20. Pink Eye Cure!
    21. Help Depression with Magnesium Taurate
    22. High Blood Sugar Remedy ACV
    23. ACV Tonic for High Blood Pressure!
    24. High Blood Pressure Daily Tonic with Aloe Vera!
    25. High Blood Pressure Natural Support Mag Taurate
    26. High Blood Pressure Help Hibiscus Tea!
    27. High Blood Pressure Help Hawthorne
    28. Cold Sore Remedy Tumeric Salve
    29. Cold Sores Solution Stay away from (SLS)
    30. Natural Cold Sore Prevention Vitamins and diet!
    31. Cold Sore Cure Nail Polish Remover Remedy!
    32. Coated Tongue Salt Brushing Solution!
    33. Cold Sores Resveratrol!
    34. Coated Tongue Glycerin Remedy
    35. Anxiety Natural solution and remedy.
    36. Age Spot Cure Onion Juice and ACV!
    37. Age Spots Natural Remedy with Castor Oil!
    38. Acne Solutions Natural Cure with Apple Cider Vinegar
    39. Acne Solutions Natural Remedy with the Paleo Diet!
    40. Heart of the Matter
    41. WashingtonSquarePark
    42. WashingtonSquarePark
    43. Warts Remedy Banana Peels!
    44. Laryngitis Remedy ACV and Cayenne
    45. Sore Throat Remedies Pickle Juice!
    46. Mosquito Bite Remedy Toothpaste
    47. Mosquito Bite Cure Soap
    48. Mosquito Bite Cure Onions!
    49. Mosquito Bite Remedy Garlic!
    50. Sore Throat Remedy Tumeric and Honey
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    1. Poison Ivy Native American Indian Tips!
    2. Poison Ivy Remedy Banana Peels, Cucumbers and Watermelons!
    3. Poison Ivy Cure Toothpaste!
    4. Poison Ivy Remedy Rhubarb Juice!
    5. Poison Ivy Cure Fels Naptha
    6. Poison Ivy Remedy Oatmeal
    7. Poison Ivy Remedy Apple Cider Vinegar
    8. Acid Reflux Remedy Apple Cider Vinegar
    9. Quantum Paleo The Book, The Diet, -day Paleo program!
    10. PaleoXFit (Episode )
    11. What is Paleo
    12. Dry Mouth Why is my mouth always dry?
    13. Natural Insect Repellent Tips!
    14. Why does my Anus Itch?
    15. How long does it take to heal?
    16. Bleeding Gums Pink toothbrush and natural tips!
    17. Olive Oil everyday for good health!
    18. Insomnia Tips on improving Sleep!
    19. How to stop Sugar Cravings!
    20. Bee Pollen Natural healing solutions.
    21. Oregano Oil for colds and flu season!
    22. Bowel Movements Natural Solutions for Constipation!
    23. Seasonal Allergy Solutions!
    24. Arthritis Pain Natural Solutions!
    25. Vitamin C How often?
    26. How to Stop a Cold
    27. Zinc Lozenges Cold and flu remedy!
    28. Food Allergies Underlying crisis for many issues!
    29. Weighing Yourself How often?
    30. How to prevent Leg Cramps!
    31. Achy Joints Natural Solutions
    32. PMS Natural tips and solutions!
    33. Sinuses Clogged Sinuses and Sinus infections
    34. PMS Breast Tenderness
    35. Nausea natural solutions!
    36. How much water do you need?
    37. Natural solutions for Acid Reflux!
    38. What is “Health Fixing”?
    39. Flax Oil benefits?
    40. Natural Acne Solutions!
    41. Teeth Grinding
    42. The Whites you must avoid!
    43. How to stop Chronic Dandruff!
    44. Why do I have Cracked Mouth Corners?
    45. Excessive Flatulence
    46. Natural cold remedy Pau d’ arco
    47. -Day Diet
    48. Insomnia How to Stay Asleep
    49. Hemorrhoids Natural Solutions!
    50. How to get rid of Bad Breath
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    1. The New CPR Hands only CPR
    2. Paleo diet Why I recommend it to patients.
    3. How to get rid of Fingernail Spots
    4. How to get rid of Toenail Fungus!
    5. Tips on Building Health naturally
    6. How to get rid of Bruises fast!
    7. How to get rid of Hiccups!