Kissing Cousins

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Uploaded on Oct 7, 2010

“Amir is a heartbreaker… literally. As a relationship termination specialist, he provides dumping services for disgruntled daters and spends his days delivering the bad news to unsuspecting lovers across Los Angeles. ” (YouTube)

“Though Amir claims he is just the messenger, the job makes him cynical and, as a result, the last bachelor in his group of friends. This becomes clear when his recently-engaged best friends tells him he can no longer be his Best Man because of bad relationship karma. ” (YouTube)

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  • ttvtc

    “When Amir returns to his family’s home for Thanksgiving, he is reunited with his long-lost cousin, Zara, who decides to hitch a ride back to LA with him. As a joke, the two cousins pretend to be a couple in front of Amir’s friends and their charade comes dangerously close to going too far.” (YouTube)